Coffee & Food Type Combinations

Cookies and pastries are quite a popular accessory to any cup of coffee. But did you know there are actually specific foods that go better with certain coffee flavors? Coffee and cake, for example:

There are many types of coffee and many flavors of cake. Chocolate cake pairs best with a medium or dark roast coffee. Arabica coffees pair well with chocolate mousse cakes. But carrot cake matches best with any sort of Columbian coffee. And though you may think coffee cake pairs well with just any coffee, you'd be wrong-- it's best with a light or medium roast Hawaiian or Nicaraguan coffee blend.

Indonesian ( or Guatemalan coffees pair best with chocolate brownies. And then there's biscotti-- perfect for that Italian taste, full flavored and paired well with most espressos ( Cinnamon mixes well and gives a unique taste to coffee, so cinnamon buns will pair well with Guatemalan also as well as Colombian coffees.

Though you may eat doughnuts with any type of coffee, plain or sweetened they are best tasting with sweet Coasta Rican coffee. Though muffins, on the other hand, are good with just about any coffee but if you had to choose one, it should be Mexican coffee! Pair away!