Gourmet Coffee: Location, Location, Location

Only the best of gourmet coffee beans originate from being properly selected and cared for during the process of harvesting. But the quality of these beans lies heavily in the environmental surroundings of where they're grown. The most fertile and rich soil can be found in the slopes of volcanic mountains, which also offer high elevation-- another important factor in high quality gourmet coffee beans (http://www.carolinacoffeecompany.com/gallerydetails/id/385705/heavenly-hazelnut-decaf).

The reason a high altitude is better for coffee beans (http://www.carolinacoffeecompany.com/gallerydetails/id/385399/black-mountain-blend/sub/signature_blends) is because it offers a moist surrounding from the cloudy attributes in the atmosphere. Less sunlight rays means less chance for the beans to be ruined or damaged by being in a temperature too warm for it to handle.

The soil is most fertile in a volcanic setting as the hot lave emitted from the earth's core is full of nutrients developed over the centuries before it was brought to the surface. Also, consider the people who have to harvest these beans! You can't put a price on quality-- they are literally risking their lives.