How to Make Perfect Coffee at Home

You can have equally high quality, great tasting coffee at home just like you find at your favorite local coffee shop or with your favorite type of instant coffee. Only you brew it yourself! To start, when buying coffee, look on the label to see if a region is listed where the coffee (( came from-- the more details given about where the coffee came from, the higher quality the coffee.

Also, buy whole beans ( instead of pre-ground coffee because it'll maintain it's flavor a lot longer as it has traveled from the provider to the store to your home. You may need to invest in an affordable grinder if you don't already have one as freshly ground beans result in the better tasting coffee. Beans should be stored in an airtight container in an environment where the temperature is not too cold and not too warm-- away from the fridge but also away from the window. Do not store them in the freezer! This will not keep them fresh nor preserve their flavors.

Also, purchase in a lower scale-- the cheaper and smaller the amount, the better. You have to measure the coffee out perfectly to make a perfect cup of coffee. Essentially, two tablespoons of coffee per 3/4 cup of water or a 16:1 ratio. When brewing the coffee, keep the temperatures between 195 and 205 degrees only. Make sure you use filtered water as tap water has minerals that are not good for you. And avoid using milk-- unless you're making a latte!

Perfect coffee, every time.