Healthy Tea From Coffee Plants

Researchers from the Royal Botanic Gardens in London and Montpellier in France have recently found that a tea can be made that is healthier than any tea or coffee ( out there-- tea made from coffee leaves! Naturally, it is less bitter than tea and not as strong as coffee.

A healthy mix of both, it contains compounds that lower a person's risk of developing heart disease, cancer and diabetes. It is lower in caffeine than tea and coffee but ultimately, it's healthier. High levels of antioxidants and compounds such as mangiferin (found in mangoes) which have anti-inflammatory properties.

As popular as coffee ( is, people often overlook the potential of the plants leaves and pay more attention to their love for the bean. Interestingly enough, there is an equally popular beverage that is a combination of tea and coffee in Hong Kong is Yuanyang which consists of three parts coffee and seven parts milk tea-- a coffee and tea combo that has been around for ages.